My Super Tips: the First Aid Kit from Guerlain

Approaching the holiday and frightening time for the luggage. An art that not everybody knows, and is put in a suitcase which does not support more than 40 kg bags, swimwear, sarongs, shoes, underwear, clothes to go down to the beach, go to the supermarket and go out at night. Not to mention another type of accessories such as hats, glasses (never have enough!) and most importantly of all: our hygiene products y beauty.

So thinking about us makers of Guerlain they have created a Beauty Kit first aid with 5 products that it will become the indispensabls who will be able to join us travel everywhere. 5 superheroes that will help us to our face not visible too short nights, excess fried foods or chocolate or our permanent state of jet lag.

He has been discovering them and no longer be able to return to live without them according to Mathgeneral. I explain:

Stop Spot

As its name indicates this anti-blemish treatment contains a formula extrapurificante for microexfoliar skin to dispel those blissful Granites that do not forgive anyone although decades that we have abandoned adolescence or is that holidays are to maintain the level of stress to distance. Applies with a light touch on the areas to be treated. Price: 30 euros/ud.

Midnight Secret

I do not know you, but I already dream vacation. It of having to get up early, organize the children so they do not arrive late to school, stress in the workplace and to ensure not to neglect the friends staying with them for dinner and have a laugh even once a week ago many times looking at me in the mirror when I get up to give me want to return me to slip into bed. Well, since I use Midnight Secret is as if you provided 2 hours more sleep my skin with a delicious aroma to Lavender. This super hero activates microcirculation and it stimulates detoxification to accelerate recovery.

Radiance in Flash

When I need to attend a presentation, a meeting at school or going out for dining out there is nothing as to provide a touch of luminosity immediately to the skin which in addition to tighten it and smooth it with Pearl Pink and gold to provide a perfect complexion that already requires only a touch of powder and ready-to-eat me the world!


All know that the skin of the lips is fine and that it is constantly exposed to so it tends to dry out. To repair and protect the lips, leaving them soft, smooth and turgid in this single pass Balsam made with butter and oil of grapes that power the synthesis of the coágeno creating a ultra-thin film with a delicious a bergamot scent highly addictive.

Crème SOS

The solution when the stress is installed in our life and with it the redness and the itching. As it is very strong reconstructs the barrier function of the skin calming the hypersensitive skin, but can only be used punctually (weekends should be let rest to the skin).