Neapolitan Perfection – Cesare Attolini and Finamore Visiting Gabucci

It is clearly a very busy period for enthusiasts of tailored menswear. Last week you could read about Zaremba and Luca Avitabiles common Trunk Show and today we can announce that Stockholm may further finbesök shortly. It’s Cesare Attolini and Finamore Napoli for two days April 6 to 7 visit Gabucci to measure tailoring events.

The faithful Manolo reader probably needs no further introduction to these two quality manufacturers. Both are considered among the very best in its product and is found everyday in Gabuccis clothing range. In autumn you could read our article series in three parts which we reviewed a measure tailored suit from Cesare Attolini.

Once a year, usually Gabucci invite those representatives so that customers get an opportunity to partly meet the people behind and above all get the best possible condition for measurement sewing. Although I would argue that Gabuccis own staff is very skilled when it comes to measure tailoring is of course always preferred to let the company behind the product taking measures as they have by far the best insight into the process.

In addition to meeting representatives from Attolini and Finamore will store’s customers also have the opportunity to look at an impressive selection of exclusive fabrics for sewing measure service. For example Attolini have a couple of Scottish weavers who work almost exclusively to suit specialist and beyond so-called swatches (small fabric samples of about 10x10cm), there are also several fabrics on rolls which makes it much easier get a picture of what the end result will look like.

This is especially important when it comes to larger patterns such as squares where the small swatches risk not give a fair picture of the entire box look. A roll of three to four meters provide the ability to really illustrate how a blazer, suit or coat would look like.

What is particularly nice at this particular time is that there are no less than Massimilliano Attolini, that is one of Cesare Attolinis sons who will attend the visit. If you want to meet him in person or make an appointment for the measure sewing any garment contact with advantage Gabucci on