New Mode 09/22/09

Danish accessory manufacturer Mismo expanding its collection MS Canvas with a large weekend bag. A further novelty of the season is the color Curry. Mismo include buying by Tres Bien Shop.

Stone Island stands with his Waxed Ice Jacket behind the fall season’s most spectacular outerwear. Cotton jacket, which is treated with a crystal cover, gears namely color when the temperature drops below 15 degrees in order to move towards a brown tint. The jacket is sold at the Nitty Gritty in Stockholm.

Chinos specialist Dockers third special trousers from the collection K-1 Limited has now reached Sweden and Stockholm store Kocksgatan 17. The trousers, which is inspired by models from the 30s and 40s where the pants were adapted to carry the horse saddle, has been manufactured in total 500 copies of which 50 reaches Sweden.

British merino king John Smedley has just updated its webshop with autumn collection. Among the new shows a hand-knitted bow tie and a variety of shirts with prominent patterns.

The man behind the Neapolitan tailors Isaia, Gianluca Isaia, offers its 10 top style tips to American Lifestyle magazine Details. Besides to draw parallels between the passionate sex and hand-sewn costumes explains Gianluca why safe choices are also boring choice:
“Get a suit I really like even if it’s not the safe choice. Buying another blue or gray suit makes you another sheep in the herd. I want to be the black sheep.”