Nikidomroller The Best Backpack For Your Kids

I imagine that your children same thing happens them that mine with cole backpack, they carry so much else inside and books weigh so much that splitting the back to take them;

since they started primary and I saw the weight overhead, bought les a backpack trolley, so only have to pull it, without risk of damage to the spine.

The problem is that, drag them backpacks broke in a pas pis, Dani almost not they lasted the whole year, at the end they always ended with holes at the bottom; until halfway through the course of the last year I became aNikidomroller with what a difference! is super reinforced and, as van integrated wheels, never touch the Backpack on the floor base is perfect!!

Also has a lot of advantages would like to meet her? You can also find all models at Amazon by clicking here.

A trolley is totally different from what we have seen so far, also now have an extra large XXL for children who need a greater storage capacity.

Your new handlebar with handle allows you to load the trolley to climb stairs. In addition, has has 3 Heights to grow with the childand isergonomic to prevent injury in wrists, carry forward and back can be.

Its wheels are larger so they are not ladeen and it is much easier to climb stairs.

They have a front compartment with two small pockets and one large screen, ideal for the agenda, MP3, mobile, keys, etc.

Central pocket also has a mesh pocket and a built-in insulated pocket for storing the snack or beverage.

More than 19 liters of storage capacity in total.

To complement the trolley, there are a lot of products that you will love

Adhesives with effects for wheels.

New designs of collectible plates together with adhesives and backpacks showing on LEGALARMIST.

New designs of case in XXL format to carry to school everything you need.

A raincoat to protect your Roller in the rain. Waterproof, material with reflective yellow stripe for safety. It is placed very easily, only have to pass a rubber under each wheel (both in standard model as XXL).

That you have fun!