Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Bergen is said to be Europe’s wettest town. Some of the city’s residents got tired of being constantly wet and created with the help of Japanese high-tech fabrics Norwegian Rain, a collection of fully rain proof garments.

Each outer garment consists of three layers; a water repellent outer cover, a waterproof liners to make the garment to breathe better and an inner lining for added comfort. During the sleeves and the collar are small valves to further enhance the garment’s breathability. On the materials side cooperates Norwegian Rain with a Japanese tygleverantör who developed a fabric based entirely on recycled materials and completely without solvents.

The brand offers at present three different models, a double-breasted, a single and a poncho model. The design is inspired by both the classic men’s tailoring that Japanese minimalism, something many of the functional details testify. The adjustable waist belt provides an accurate fit and kragflärpen is lined with kashmirtyg to further increase comfort. The first collection, which consists of a total of 350 pieces, are on the side of a few select stores also sold through the brand’s web shop.