On The Cover of Beyonce for Harpers Bazaar Crumb Long Hair and a Lot

Miga has the cover of November of Harpers Bazaar. Its protagonist Beyoncé, your photographer Terry Richardson and its secondary character, that some, pregnancy would maliciously?, say that he has invented. Beyoncé who writes the met makes some years old dancing which crazy its crazy in love in the celebrations of the PS1 in New York and since then it has not stopped to admire it. But who does she admire? What are the most stylish women in the world and its reference for it?

As said in the interview that accompanies to the, low hours, Harpers Bazaar, are Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham y Gisele Bundchen. Nothing that will surprise us. More surprising are the rumors that they point to her tummy is more fake than a Chinatown Vuitton, but that’s another singing.

A ten cover, Terry, Beyonce and low baby suspected.