Outfit of the Week NR33

Weekly outfit spin on yesterday British style, but with inspiration from Italian fashion function as preppy style.

Barbour Jacket (1200 SEK, countryattire.com) – Apart from being associated with a bärarskara characterized by slightly glued hairstyles for its own good is Barbour’s classic quilted jackets unbeatable value. Light while often hot enough for much of the winter. Here a model in the somewhat narrower silhouette.

Trousers CP Company (1390 SEK) – Those who do not want to embrace British style straight off with tattersallsrutig shirt and moleskin pants from Cordings carries with advantage somewhat narrower cotton pants which gives a sportier look.

Shirt Bergman (SEK 1095) – Classic button-down oxford model in quality.

Desert boots Lodger (3050 SEK) – It may be that many of you are sick and tired of desert boots. This is a great shoe type that gives a stylish impression without feeling too dressed up.

Scarf Luca Roda (1100 SEK, yoox.com) – Scarf in sober style, especially to get from Italian color injection Roda.

Bag Mismo – mismos bags really have become modern classics. Very functional form in a clean design makes these bags really useful. The brand is sold at the Nitty Gritty in Stockholm and Tres Bien Shop in Malmö.