Pack Your Bags: The Exchange is Right There

The college semester is over and you got those vacations at your internship. You can not stay a whole month without taking the time to improve your curriculum. To help you with this mission, Ratra Livre opens today a blog, which aims to show you the way of the stones of the holiday exchange.

For this, you will follow my adventures in Argentina. For twenty days I will give you tips on how to make the most of an interchange trip and what are the best ways to spend little and learn a lot. Starting with the chosen program.

If you are privileged and have a whole month of vacation, do not forget, it is only 30 days. The four-week exchange plans count for exactly 30 days. And the time to pack, the money exchange and the trip? For holiday exchange, the ideal period is three weeks. The course is intensive and equivalent to about five months of classes in Brazil according to foodezine.

About schools, you choose the one that pleases you the most. It has something for everyone. I’ll stay on a  Latin Immersion  call. The school is more geared towards younger audiences with more interest in meeting new people. LI is headquartered in several countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. There are other schools like Coined, more traditional. The  Enforex  offers options for those who want to study languages in very exotic countries, such as Guatemala or the Dominican Republic. One of the most reputed schools to study the Spanish language is  Don Quijote. Headquartered in several cities in Spain and in most of Latin America, the school offers good prices and a very high level course.

Course prices vary, but since most currencies in Latin American countries are less valued than the Real, the course is not so expensive. To view Latin Immersion values, click  here.

It is possible to close all course details directly with the schools. This choice is more economical, but also more bureaucratic. There are agencies that facilitate communication between schools and students, but they charge for the service. That choice is up to you.

After choosing the course, duration and school, it’s time to worry about accommodation. But that’s another story…