Paisley Scarf

A splash of color for both business willows that pullover and jeans. The paisley patterned scarf is an accessory unbeatable during the autumn season. Our site tips if you enjoy wearing it.

Many people shy away from using color in the autumn and winter season. As the tan disappears, strong colors tend to give the face a bleak impression. Not least when the color is so close to the face like a scarf. To successfully carry up strak pattern is largely about choosing the right materials and shade. The shiny silks colors become very influential. Finer wool fabrics or wool and silk combinations attenuates the colors slightly, making strong pattern of this type of material much more easily borne.

Likewise, a good tip is to choose a patterned scarf that mixes earthy colors with strong accent colors. Brown, gray, dark blue or beige is a peaceful because there elements of, for example, orange or purple stands for pattern lace. Take up one of the colors in the upholstery. A scarf with elements of eg brown worn with advantage to the brown shoes and a brown jacket with buttons blubber league.

When it comes to matching scarf with the rest of the upholstery is only the wearer’s own creativity that puts an end. Choose a scarf whose colors match the other trim or break completely with strong color elements. Many classic autumn colors like brown, gray and dark blue suitable for little more energetic bursts of color.