Patagonia Invites to Free Repair of Outdoor Clothing

A very good initiative bringing Patagonia to its stores during the month of July, and allow, in addition to recycling, keep clothes longer.

As part of its Worn Wear campaign, which promotes the optimization of consumption of clothing and that incentive to fix rather than exhausting, Patagonia invites you to its days of free service, which will be in the stores in Mall Sport and Alto Las Condes.

Each person can take a garment, any brand, which will be repaired by Modulab, an expert in sustainable ecodesign company. Those who attend can participate and learn from the process, to thus preserve your favorite clothes for more years.

“One of the principles of Patagonia, the foundational commitment of the brand with the care of the environment, is to manufacture durable clothing, since the costume industry generates great impact on the ecosystem. Independent of this, clothing does not last forever, by which extend this invitation to repair it, rather than to buy back”, says Rafael Olavarría, Director of Marketing Patagonia Chile.

Hours are: Thursday 14 and July 21, 17-21 hrs. Shop Patagonia Mall Sport; Friday 15-22 July, 17 to 22 hrs, in shop Patagonia Alto Las Condes.