Pebble Smartwatch Best Features

A Reliable Companion With High Maturity!

The Pebble smartwatch costs on average, depending on the provider, about 150 euros. But what can the SmartWatch?

Display and Processor

The heart of the Pebble Smart Watch is an ARM Cortex MX 120 Mhz processor. The monochrome display is 1.26 inches tall, with a resolution of 168 x 144 pixels and uses much less energy. This is very important because in the watch only a 140 mAh battery inserted. Touch functionality does not support the display. There is a backlight.

Features of Smart Watch and Operation

Pebble offers some funny functions. Meeting notifications on the clock, you can just shake the wrist to ignore this. Unfortunately, the SmartWatch has neither a speaker nor a microphone, so that no calls can be made over the watch. The internal memory falls very poor with a 32 MB. Also, the memory is only unconvincing with 512 KB RAM.

A positive feature is that there is the Pebble smartwatch in many colors. It is also possible to equip the watch with any watch strap, which is 22 mm wide. The gadget is very well made and weighs only 38 grams. So this watch is suitable for those who wish to carry on as many occasions.

With the clock can be a music player easily control. Notifications from Twitter or appointments from the calendar are reliably transmitted to the SmartWatch. Calls, text messages and emails also.

Despite the low resolution also long texts can be read easily on the smartwatch.

The control of the functions via buttons. Four of them are present. is an enlarged Button which serves as a back button on the left side of the watch. The keys have a very good tactile feedback and make the Pebble smartwatch pleasant to use.

Many Faces Watch Available

The appearance of the dial can be determined with the aid of so-called Watch Faces. On Pebble three such Watch Faces are already installed. More can be downloaded from the respective Tucsonsmartwatches.

High compatibility

The Pebble watch is compatible with virtually all major mobile operating systems. So it only supports iOS and Android. Only BlackBerry and Symbian find any support. Using an app, it is possible to use them in combination with Windows Phone.

The Pebble smartwatch support Android devices from version 2.3.

App selection falls from very low

The clock is powered by the operating system PebbleOS. It is not possible to store data on the watch.The integrated acceleration sensor is likely to be certainly of interest to one or the other users. Yet he seems so far to make no sense. However, there is for smartwatch regular updates, so that is not likely to do much at Pebble.

Up to 8 apps can be installed on the watch. This can be up to 25 kb in size, which the app selection additionally reduced.

Battery life in practice

The manufacturer promises a battery life of up to five days. Tested, then came the big surprise – a huge plus for the Pebble smartwatch. Most the clock had to be recharged only after a week.

Conclusion: The Pebble smartwatch although has little memory and a monochrome display, but but she has a straightforward menu and an above-average battery life. For users who wish to be merely informed of the receipt of messages or the wish to control with the watch a music player, it is quite recommendable. She is fast and reliable and can be with the help of other watch bands change arbitrarily. The best price on the Internet can be found here
and around 150 Euro for an alternative to more expensive Smart Watches.