Perfect Wedding: Choose According To Your Body Type Wedding Dress!

We know that all brides dream of perfection, in all senses, to your wedding day, but it is also important that regardless of the slopes of the preparations they try to be calm, have fun and enjoy every step of the process that has led them to that great day… and nothing better to achieve that combination! helping them choose the right dress Starting, of course, by teaching them to identify the Court that most favours his figure with the aim that they feel comfortable and safe, so your only concern will be fun and enjoy every minute, every emotion and every word of the day that both have dreamed about.

Then will introduce it basic body types and then cuts and silhouettes most common wedding dresses so that they become familiar with them and begin to associate with that type of body work you better and of course all of this is illustrated with the latest models of the collections of Zac Posen, Pronovias, Vera Wang, Rosa Clará, and Oscar de la Renta!

Hourglass body.

It is the type of body most envied and desired as they are women with more pronounced very proportionate measures, narrow waist but bust and hip.

Body of triangle or pear.

He is thus known to the body of women with small bust and wide hips. If you have this type of body I say yes to drapes or ornaments at the top so that attention will focus on your hip.

Inverted triangle.

This is the body of women with big bust or back wide and narrow hips. Always opts to choose wedding dresses with transparencies in the back or necklines V as well as those who have volume or ornaments at the height of the hip to make it visually.

Apple Corps.

Also known as ‘circular’. It is characterized by hips, broad shoulders and thick waist. V necklines will be a great ally for you if you have this type of body.

Rectangle body.

These bodies are known for not having curves, i.e. bust, waist and hips virtually equal what you must avoid at all costs fabrics with many fall such as silk or dresses with straight cuts. On the contrary, always choose dresses in layers to add volume and shape.

Now, if you already identified your type of body come to silhouettes of dresses!

Mermaid dress.

This cut is typically be snug to the body and widen at the height of the knees by dramatically accentuating the curves of the figure, which makes it an excellent choice for those brides with hourglass-shaped body… but if you’re very chaparrita we recommend you avoid this option because the amplitude at the bottom could make you look even shorter.

The collection TRULY dress by Zac Posen

TOP model collection Rosa Clará 2014

Court dress “A”

This is an option that is loved by many brides as a fitted at the waist slightly and slightly open under favors the inverted triangle, pear, sand clock bodies. Also a plus is that if you’re feeling a little bit insecure to have belly or very prominent hips, with this type of dress you can disguise it.

Dress model collection Rosa Clará 2014 hemp

Oscar of the income 2014

Empire dress cut.

This is another favorite silhouettes that adapts to all types of body. It is characterized by having a cut under the bust from which drops the skirt light way and without large-scale. It is ideal for body Apple because it hides tummy, hips and attention is focused on the upper part of your body.

-If you have little bust, it highlights it and creates the illusion of having more.

-If you’re pregnant you disimulará it a little.

Model Celia – 2014 collection Rosa Clara

Model pray – Pronovias 2014

Dressed in voluminous skirts.

They are characterized by tight sizes and very wide skirts in several layers that open at the height of the hip. It is very favorable for all body types but not recommended for Petite women as much fabric as well as hinder them movement will further shorten its figure.

Vera Wang 2014

Rosa Clara collection 2014

Other points that you must not forget!

-If you’re low in stature, forget dresses with bulky or reloaded from ornaments or applications. Say No to the long tail.

-If you have a short-waisted, the volume of your dress or skirt must start below the waist so that you see a disproportionate.

-If you have much bust, you choose to halter necklines to have better support or choose strapless straight to make the top look more balanced. Now that if you have a little bust options that will make you to highlight that area are the strapless dresses or heart-shaped with decorations in that part, but you have the advantage that you can look spectacularly deep necklines.

-If you are pregnant most flattering models are those in line “A” with a layer that you cross diagonal so your waist at the height of your belly, or the classic cut Empire according to Animalerts.

As you can see in the fashion world gives us many possibilities where choose, just is a question that you take calmly the search of your dress, know your body and let yourself be guided by the experts. If you have any questions or need further advice do not hesitate to write me at my twitter account (that are at the top of the article) or let me here your comments and I will be happy to help!