Petite Chubby Clothing

The saying goes that the dynamite and diamonds come in small size, so you don’t have to be high to be beautiful and much less thin.

We see that tips on clothes for Petite gorditas :

To wear clothes that make you increase your stature also thinner lights.

Choose monochromatic style, it is a good simple trick to look tall and thin, it consists of the same color clothing up and down. Stylized your figure because it gives you a vertical appearance without cuts according to pinckarddress.

It also helps if you choose clothes in neutral and dark colors that give the illusion of being thin, like Navy Blue, Brown or black. This monochromatic trick works with any color, but more neutral tones.

Los necklines: open, v-neck or round necklines will make your torso look longer and, consequently, more slender. So you should have special care when choosing your clothing with these recommendations and can conceal well being chubby and short.

Forget the pants capris and fishermen, are very short. Bermuda are a better choice for your legs look thinner, like the skirts to the knee-height.

Straps and thin belts are more suitable for the petite and gorditas.

They are a temptation that is not easy to resist, but not put straps or belts type strips.

Shoes: Light thin combining shoes of the same color as the rest of the monochrome set.

The taco low shoe type are comfortable, but not help you see more high or thin, so use when at home.

High heels shoes are good to enhance height, but do not overdo. Super high shoes will look out of place and out of proportion with your size.

Choose shoes with the heels of more or less 7 cm high.

Shoes or thick taco platforms also serve to make you look slimmer making you look taller.

Some errors that we must avoid:
You may have intended to hide those parts of your figure, with large and loose, items such as the Polish or dream it! You’ll be thinner with clothes that fit well to your figure and not are not very tight or very loose.

Invest money in a tailor so that you arrange your nicest clothes and so is you perfect.

If your set has prints, try to be small.

Avoid too much loose clothing with flights. Although they are beautiful they will make you look morechubby and short.

The best are the lines and vertical prints.

Large polka dots and prints or horizontal and thick lines do not go with you.