Photo Reportage: Clearance

A complete look is critical to the overall feel. But the choice between types, turn-up or a totally flat performance is not always easy. To provide guidance our site has put together three outfits with three different trades.

Cuff it up
, according to many the best way to give the pants a stylish case is to let sew type. This feature requires a strong emphasis on getting a good length so that the blows fall freely. A tip for those who want traditional length of their pants pants reaches the shoe heel is to allow the rear part is slightly longer than the front for not to be caught up in the shoe tongue. Likewise, it is important to byxvidden not too wide, making the battles can be perceived as clumsy.

Italian Cropped
There are many who hesitates short leg just after the shoes. Often unnecessarily. To a narrower byxvidd is a shorter length often preferable to form the pants not be unsightly folds in its lower edge. Additionally, it provides a slightly sportier feel advantageously can be worn without socks visible. However, does not carry all the heavy shoes of this type of pants which makes the trousers can be perceived as disproportionately narrow.

Heavy brogues
For this type of coarse brogues are a neat turn-up or reeling practical to balance the shoe width. Ideally, the pants should just reach or stop slightly above the shoe upper edge of risking to fold pants when the shoes. A couple of somewhat more dressed pants type recommended for this kind of shoes.