Picture Inspiration: Double-breasted

Sleek, smart and full of attitude. After having been the standard attire for wintering yuppies, the double-breasted jacket recent seasons brought new interest. But forget tired club blazer in baggy silhouette. The double-breasted jacket should sit tight snot.

The double-breasted suit is a relatively difficult worn garments which places very high demands on the silhouette and fit. A high-placed snaps, like a figure-hugging silhouette with narrow-cut armholes important for the feeling to be right. Invest therefore in a better jacket manufacturers who master a narrow cut in order to avoid compromising the garment adherence or shape.

The shafts may well be slightly marked, but certainly not straight and stiff, which brings to mind the yuppie jacket model 80. Surface pockets is a good detail to defuse the garment and give a slightly more relaxed feel. Dare also use the jacket separately to odd pants like jeans. Remember to choose a well balanced shirt collar to the relatively wide beaten and particularly slim shoes that provide a neat finish.