Picture Inspiration: Felt Hat

With the extinction hat culture feels the step to the more stylish headdresses often quite strange. Felt hat is an excellent exception dresses from Bertie Wooster to Pete Doherty. Our site tips if you enjoy wearing it.

Anyone who has ever attempted to wear a hat quickly realize how important it is with the right shape and size. It could be about a millimeter on the brim width or height of the hill, but does not feel the details are not perfect overall feel right. Not getting the better of an almost non-existent supply of quality hats. Although it is possible to find really fine specimens vintage, the range is often very limited purely in terms of size, especially for people with little wider forehead.

Despite all the downsides hat has a unique position in men’s fashions. It can be difficult to balance a modern style of hat to look like an aspirant to the chap of the Month . Felt hat with its matt surface and often very easy to wear as a good introduction. A relatively narrow brim is a good starting point, especially for a not so dressed up attire. Style-wise, felt hat grateful to combine with carpet flannel, tweed and cashmere jackets. Personally I felt hat is best suited to a jacket with slightly softer cut where the cap further enhances the natural silhouette.

For those who are unable to travel to larger nations hat online stores can be a good alternative. You just have to know its size and the hat model best dress even face. RMR hats are a good example which, among other things sells Borsalino, Barbisio, Christy, Stetson and Tesi. For those who want to improve themselves in the hat as garments, a visit to The Fedora Lounge .

Borsalino hat Vintage ( Alexander Marchesan, Grandpa ), cashmere blazer Barbisio (Nitty Gritty), shirt Truzzi, Stenströms scarf, handkerchief vintage Gieves & Hawkes (Alexander Marchesan, Grandpa). Photo: Olof Enckell