Picture Inspiration: Super Light Outerwear

When it comes to rain coats, the British have a unique position. Get garment will always feel as right as a genuine Mackintosh, Barbour’s oil coats, a trench coat from Burberry and Aquascutum. Authentic durable clothes that keep wet and dry. There’s just one problem – the weight of lead.

Many are willing to endure stiff neck for style’s sake. But there are also those who see the advantage of easier modern functional materials that do not require a thick layer of rubber or oil wax to resist rain. Especially during the summer months when it is hard to escape the fact that many of the British classics become sweaty and heavy.

Then it is fit. Although many British manufacturers introduce slimfit versions, they are not quite as well-fitting that the Italian interpretations. Not at all – they make up not quite as good in a close fit. For certain, there is a charm in the garment is sewn with a pocket to stop in the small game.

But in a fashion climate where heritage collections are placed on a conveyor belt and all should feel as rustic as possible, it is liberating beauty with feather-light function. Preferably in combination with an otherwise well-dressed look – in line with the Italian School.

Ps. The gown image weighing from non-scientific sense about as much as the zipper in a Barbour jacket.