Pictures of Sandals

Sandals are old female companions during the spring-summer season.  The tendency is that from September they are back with full force, contributing with the composition of a beautiful and comfortable feminine look. The leading shoe manufacturers are already preparing the launches for next season.

The rasteirinhas are always rescued within the scope of fashion, resurge to complement the look of modern women. This sandal is available in several models in stores and everything indicates that next season we will have the release of new versions.

The  2010-2011 models  are different in shape, color and finish. There are sandals for all tastes, some with more detailed details that perfectly match a night look and other simpler ones that can be used to go to the beach. In short, fashion opens up a range of options for women when it comes to dressing.

The sandal design can be characterized by braided strips, pebble decoration or metal details. There are models that combine several colors, capturing through this eccentricity the tropical style. In the 2011 season, the little ones abuse the vibrant colors and finishes.

Leather will be the key material for making  summer 2011 flat sandals, providing comfort to women’s feet and attaching resistance to footwear. To create high-end creeps, this leather will be crafted and will take on new textures or colors. In addition to the warm shades of summer, light colors will also be well liked by women next season.

The  2010-2011 dressage launches  also stand out in the style of the insoles, they stop adopting a standard format and gain several options of prints, which value animal, geometric and floral motifs. The  fashionable low-heeled sandals  seek inspiration from the gladiators, valuing the finish on braided straps.

Check out the  photos of sandals 2010-2011  and get inspired to compose the summer look.