A symbol of the classic business individual. Pinstripes are a recurring pattern that gives the wearer as well aplomb as a sleeker look. But what exactly is the difference between chalk- and pinstripe?

In Sweden pinstripes become a generic name for any pattern with vertical stripes of fabric. In English often distinguished concepts pinstripe and chalk stripe apart. Pinstripe is the name of stripes created by small dots, while chalk stripes are stripes formed by diagonal small dashes, which largely resembles the selection from the tailor’s chalk. Then there are a number of different versions of these two double pinstripe where two lines running parallel close together.

For those who do not want to run pinstriped fully is a tip to wear the jacket separately to a pair of odd trousers. This puts admittedly a bit higher demands on style feeling than a solid color blazer, but in the right combination to be really neat. Extras are suited autumn pinstripe jackets in unbrushed ullkvalitéer whose carpet surface is well suited for example, a pair of gray flannel trousers or denim for a casual style.