Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear

If there is a trick that many women share onto the red carpet, it’s shapewear! Today it takes a closer look at the body which smooths all the silhouette through one piece.

While the body scupltant size is not a magic wand. You will not look slimmer or lose three sizes by threading it through against your figure will be sublimated and development. It is the indispensable ally when you wear such a small dress!

Indeed, body sculpting and smoothing large will harmonize your body by blurring / smoothing out unsightly bulges small of the back and belly.

Plus Size Bodysuit Shapewear

And comfort in all this?

Above all, it is important to know there are 3 degrees of shapewear by compressing the tissue. At level 1 there is a smoothing underwear is very comfortable to wear, while at level 3 it is rather a lingerie that sculpts / redraw the silhouette and is necessarily more restrictive to wear.

This degree is against the best place for a special occasion such as a wedding to make you a dream figure D-Day To erase your little unsightly bulges under your clothes everyday, level 1 can quite suffice or you can opt for intermediate level 2.

The small downside of body sculpting large is the gesture more when going to the toilet. But rest assured, current models usually have small hooks as on bras that are easy to remove and replace unlike the pressure system that was found a few years ago. And even if the toilet is a little long, the game is worth the candle!

Little trick to avoid contorting you if you have trouble catching the back of your body sculpting large: a small stitch and a small ribbon end goes with the latter at the crotch and presto, everything will be simpler!

In summer it is a little harder to wear when it should be hot but it will be the same for all scupltante lingerie tends to be opaque and therefore to keep a little warmer. Ideally, if it holds even in this season is to go for level 1.

With or without built-in bra?

There are two types of body sculpting, with built-in bra or not . If you are lucky enough to find LE model with built-in bra that keeps your chest and enough highlights, you hold the gem!

Otherwise, better to play safe by opting for the body without built-in bra. This model allows you to wear your own underwear and therefore guarantees a bra suited to your expectations. Moreover, models without a built-in bra has the big advantage of having a breast cut in the dating a very nice way and puts the neckline value.

Discover the sculpting of body size of your dreams!

With built-in bra


big cups of bodies, well cut that guarantee a good quality linen with quality finishes. The choice of Hoticle, the arrangement of stitches and cut of these plus size corsets have been designed to give you total satisfaction.


For even the most minor grants can benefit from a large body scupltant without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality!

This model with reinforcement sheath stomach, waist and buttocks to refine and sculpt your silhouette.

Without Built-In Bra

Models wearing the bra of your choice.

The Charming

ultra-comfortable mesh sheathing with yoke on the sides Bandage lace, available in black and flesh.

The classic

A model that the lap belt sheath and made a superb cleavage! The spaghetti straps are wider for large caps.

Now you are ready to master the art of body scupltant large, not up to you to choose the model that suits you best.