Plus Size Women’s Parka

My today’s plus size outfit has the casual women’s parka in the focus. This stylish jacket is a fashion statement for me and I find very cool the olive green military-style for the fall.

The trendy coat is still OK for the current temperatures. If it is however winter, he is too thin. So I wear it just quite often.

This is my plus size outfit: casual plus size parka in the military look

The women’s parka: My all-round talent

I like everything that is comfortable and casual. Therefore, the lightweight women’s parka in tall for my taste is perfect. The waist is a cord, with which I can set the width of the parkas.

The hood life helps me, because from wind and rain, it is quickly pulled over – virtually! And I love the plus size section of the women’s parka.

I have some color in my plus size outfit using this sneaker incorporated: Orange. Quite suitable to the olive-green parka, or?

From these online shops, I have my comfortable parka look:

Shoes: Monsoon – over dress top
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Denim shirt: H & M
Parka: hebronita petite

What do you think of the popular and beloved piece of clothing, the women’s parka? Is also as popular as me with you?