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Join the boho-chic, even if it’s just as mood of the day, can be fun. Try it!

The boho style, bohemian-chic, it is a mix of styles and trends: ethnic, hippie, punk, folk, country, gitano, vintage, rocker, Baroque. The result? A unique, fun, chic, customized. Although it seems bereft and eclectic style requires a thought designed to create the composiçoes. You need to add a bit of every trend, use creativity and make overlays taken off. Anything so casual, but surely with amazing effect.

Worth, earthy shades, white, leather, fluid shapes, maxi lengths, embroidery, crochet, lace, fur, fringe and too much influence of vintage fashion. And, of course, everything megapontuado for accessories and styling tricks and secrets according to Ezinereligion.

Muses of the boho-chic, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were forerunners of the style with full productions of vintage fashion references, hi-lo mix and plenty of personality. Total boho productions or just for style scented arise each season on the catwalks and in the streetstyle of fashionistas. Check out.


Star of streetstyle, vintage fashion even came to be. Just give it a whirl on the streets and in the networks of the it girls to understand the power of this trend. Join the vintage as inspiration or enhance the sustainable creation by purchasing original vintage and second hand came in, definitely, for the agenda of the fashionistas tuned.

Mixing the new with the old, from unique pieces and references of past decades runway exits or mined in thrift stores and online stores fashion vintage and second hand, they build their own vintage style.

Check out how to embed the key pieces of vintage fashion to your looks and get inspired!

Vintage fashion muses

Who can resist a piece, exclusive, unique and vintage?

The interest in the vintage is nothing new. Only now earns more followers and is revolutionizing the consumption behavior and the production process. Be as a source of inspiration for re-readings of past trends, no matter what style or customization as a concept of sustainability and of upcycling, looking to the past became required to understand the future of fashion.

Panning for clothes and clothing accessories in vintage shops or second hand and join the new with the old in a creative way, and eco-friendly turned the new attitude of fashionistas and celebrities.

Since the memorable and iconic appearance of Julia Roberts in the Oscar 2001, wearing a Valentino 1992 collection, vintage models parade to mobilize the spotlight of popular cinema and music awards made the red carpet catwalk closest fashion of the moment.

Check out the looks that the muses of vintage fashion paraded on red carpets in the world.


Have you ever paralyzed before the wardrobe without knowing what to wear? Follow these simple tips (and foolproof!) and turbocharge your creativity.

Everyone has moments of writer’s block. You know that day there is no use to refer to your collection of looks-feeling of Instagram, asking for help for her friends, pretend you’re not late, try everything, doesn’t like anything and feel unable to mount a single look, even the most basic of basic, even when the closet is right there in your face full of pieces that you love so much?

This can be more than an outbreak of lack of creativity. Perhaps afraid to dare (and Miss) or too lazy to think (that makes you almost succumbing to temptation to repeat that incredible combination that worked yesterday …). What to do?

Try to follow these “pinches of wisdom fashion”, one for each day of the week (with the right to replay this weekend) and uncomplicate life.

Have Fun. And you don’t even have to exaggerate. Just add an unusual spice to your looks: Accessories decorated or colored, fun prints, cutouts, mix of contrasting prints, maxi bijoux.

Highlight your strengths. Choose pieces with necklines (shoulders, back, colo), cracks, strategic, marked waist leaked transparencies.

Enter the vintage to their looks. Iconic pieces such as blouses with lace collar, pleated effects, shapes acinturados or pursed, MIDI skirts, vintage t-shirts.

The mood of the day. Are you abused? Use a t-shirt with funny phrase. Are you romantic? Choose lace and bows. You don’t want a lot of conversation? Go monochrome or minimalist. Is relax? The comfy.

Be trendy. Add the hit of the moment to your look: chess, grunge rocker leather jacket-Gothic, 80s glow, navy stripes, military green, colorful socks with heavy shoes, boho print.


Want to know the secrets of fashion blogger Julia Petit?

Cracked vintage style-cool digital influencer’s most famous in the country.

Advertising model, producer, TV host, blogger. The career of Julia Petit is even enviable. Creator of site Tidbits, which talks about fashion, culture and language and modern visual behavior, Julia is a benchmark of style and inspires thousands of followers with their fashion and beauty tips.

Unconditional fan of vintage fashion, the blogger loves to search exclusive pieces of past decades to compose incredible productions between the vintage and new.

“I love buying vintage clothes. I use a lot of these old parts because they have a very good and fun and can I use day or night. And the vintage stuff you use with your clothes and turn around a completely different from the rest of the world, “declared the GNT Fashion.

How about following the vintage style and full of personality of the blogger? We made a selection with the best looks for you to inspire.

PRINTS Julia invests in vintage patterns, in the mix & match with strong contrasts or monochrome.

DRESSES High point of the closet of Julia, the dresses are vintage references, and girlie with structured skirts by tulle.

SPARKLES Embroidered sequins, metallised yarn and glitter have constant presence in the looks of the blogger.

SKIRTS With shapes and details of draping at the waist, the skirts are featured compositions by Julia.


The style of Anna Fasano, which merges the contemporary with the vintage, is just one of his guns to shine among the top fashion bloggers.

To meet the frenzied travel schedule and social engagements, which requires amazing and new looks at every appearance, the Muse bet on current productions that mix hits the catwalks with vintage pieces and trips exclusive pans on the store’s website YOUTOPIA.

The blogger still navigates with ease in areas far beyond fashion: beauty, travel, decor, cuisine (segment that is in the DNA of the family) and the top pets Nino and Tulle are part of the topics covered in the posts of Instagram, Facebook and Blog of Anna.

Formed in fashion and frequent user of assiduous fashion shows around the world, the city of 25 years stands out as digital influencer and was elected by American VOGUE as one of the most important Brazilian bloggers in reporting The 5 Brazilian Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know, published on the website of the magazine in August 2016.

With authentic style, chic, cool, Anna has released collections of sunglasses with vintage references of the iconic round models of the years 70, signed Pointe Shoes taken off lines and printed your style in beachwear collections in partnership with various brands, like Ventura, Botti and New Beach, and inspires a legion of followers with stylish looks and impeccable hair styling and make-up.

Confirms some of Anna’s choices, and see how it adds the vintage in modern compositions and full of style:

METALLIC SKIRT -choose accurate for a vintage look current.

LACE SKIRT -plots and vintage shapes give emphasis to production parts.

FRINGE – give the romantic-retro touch in the right measure.

POÁS – vintage inspired wildcard pattern which adds formality.

MIX AND MATCH -combining multiple prints you give a contemporary twist to the look.

PANNING – Other parts that made Anna’s head and that surely you will fall in love.