Proper Bra Size, What You Need To Know All Women

Most women wear the wrong bra size. Taking into account the monthly cycles of water retention, diet, and general aging, it is not necessary to assume that the size you were two years ago, will be the same today (or you can wear a bra so long). Even changing the weight of two kilograms can change the size of your bra.

This guide will help you measure the bust so you can choose the right size for yourself.

While most stores have consultants who can help you choose the correct size to get the clothing in the catalog, it is important to know its size.

– How to know if your current bra does not suit you.

Bra goes up the back. This means that the bowl is very small or very tight strap. Bra front is too tight to fit a finger between them.

That means you need a larger volume.

Bra cups should be fully filled, or you may need a smaller cup. If, on the other hand, the breast goes beyond the glass, you need larger size cups or a different model bra.

If you dig the bones in the chest, you need a bigger glass. (Or your bra is too old. In this case, it’s time to change it.) It may also mean that the side portions large enough bra.

– Correct measurements.

First of all, you will need three sizes, under the breasts, on the chest and full breasts. To determine the size under the chest, you need to measure the volume just below it. During the measurement, keeping the tape taut but not too tight.

For breast size, you need to measure the volume of the chest and under the arms.

If the difference between the lower and upper chest is less than five centimeters, then under the size of the breast is its amount (rounded to the nearest even number). If the difference is greater than five inches, add 5-7.5 inches to fit under the bust, and you will get the volume of the breasts. For normal-sized breasts, measure the volume around the most convex part of the breast.

Make sure the centimeter is tight to the back.

The size of the cup is determined by the size of your full breasts and upper chest. If the difference is less than 2.5 centimeters – then size AA, 2.5 centimeters – to five centimeters – B 7.5 centimeters – C, 10 centimeters – D, 12.5 centimeters – DD (or E), etc.

– What else you need to know other than size.

Of course, size – it’s just the beginning. There are several other points to keep in mind when choosing a comfortable and sexy same time bra.

Trying on different bras, you need to make sure that the area between the two cups is facing your body. Not only the straps should support your chest! After a while, it becomes uncomfortable bra wear down quickly and the pressure on the lead straps to back problems.

If you notice that the breast volume has changed, you may also need to resize and your cups. Basically, if the reduced volume of the chest, you need to increase the size of the cups, whereas, larger quantities are needed smaller cup.

– Variety of bras.

Different types of bras different shapes. Try not to buy transformed bras though sometimes they may go but very rarely happens that each option will suit your figure.

  1. Full Cup / Full Coverage – Designed to withstand such bras covering the entire breast.
  2. Half cup – these bras cover 75 percent of the breast.This sexy model, but make sure that your breasts are not “cut” in the middle.Everything should be smooth, if not, then you need to buy a larger cup size.
  3. Bra with bones – Such bras provide the most support.

Bras with crossed straps on the back. They are stuck in the front or back, or simply put on the head. This is a common model of sports bras.

  1. The bra with a strap around the neck.As indicated in the title, this is the bra that is worn around the neck, in contrast to the conventional belts which are worn over the shoulders.This is a more open model that can be worn with shirts with the strap around the neck as well as an open t-shirts process.
  2. Bra without straps.Although some existing rear strap bras basically refers to bras with extremely lowered, so you can wear very open at the back of the dress without showing the bra.
  3. Strapless bra.In this forum bra straps at all, just a dressing.Some of these models also cover the abdominal region, and some body cover like tights.

In these bras it is better to go home.

  1. Bra with Padded / Raised Bras – In cups of bras have extra lining to create the most bulky breast effect.The coating can be made of the same material as the bra, foam or gel.Gel is becoming more popular because it provides a more natural look.

In some coat bras can be removed.

  1. Bra with a neckline, even more than a half cup bras allow you to wear clothes with a neckline without opening the bra.
  2. Bra with light holder.In this seed forum bras.If you want to use it all day, and therefore the size of your glass is larger than A, you may be insufficient to bear it.

Properly fitted bra should be comfortable no matter if they have a bone or not.

  1. Sports Bra – Designed to reduce breasts movement during exercise.Although low-cost models make it possible to do this, simply tighten your breasts, it is best if you can find a model with a certain size cups (small, medium or large), which is right for you, as is the case with Conventional.They are more comfortable.
  2. Nursing Bra – For the convenience of mothers who breastfeed in such bras have clasps on each strip with the woman could easily remove it during feeding without removing her own bra.Most often Nursing Bra totally closed to provide additional support, in which a woman needs.

Now you can confidently ask for underwear. So the next time you find the perfect little black dress, you’re sure to look at the one hundred percent.