Purification Garcia Spring-Summer 2009

A Purificacion Garcia happens that a CH by Carolina Herrera, that their clothing lines the idea the same team of designers and they only put you face and eyes to a trade mark as a guarantee of sale: are the Domínguez brothers who produce and sell their collections through the company textile society of Lonia (STL).

Anyway, the creator, born in Montevideo and at present between Barcelona and Bali, which has been in the fashion world for nearly thirty years and has come to parade on the runway of Milan with bulky critical success, is supposed that continues to mark the guideline on style issues.

And although the irregularity of the collections presented under its name us footplate, for the next Spring-Summer 2009 We found very interesting designs between the clothes of your women’s collection.

The raw colours and Earth they clearly dominate the bulk of proposals of PG, and following the manual of trends for the season coming we find ourselves face to face with African-inspired, the military court and the ladylike.

And is that the chic style is the most recurrent in the ranks of this collection: skirts based on flyers and pronounced flight and exquisite trousers wide leg and loose fabrics, are two of the more thoughtful expressions in this field.

And although it seems that most off monochrome is the Queen, the oranges, Greens and mauves they are unusual tones which flooded trenches and summer coats.

The dresses they surely are the backbone of the collection (of this, and almost all women of any designer collections), and I’ll stick with the dress of the way: an affordable tribute to Victoria Bekham.

Although the dish arrives at night with this (apparent) great court gowns Empire or Word of honour and whose Crown Jewel are two separate Greco-Roman-inspired dresses.