Question from Reader: Is It Wrong to Use Chess in the Lower Part of the Outfit?

A lot of people ask me if it is correct to use chess pieces that are in the low part of the look, namely, pants and shorts. Actually the pattern can be a little heavy visually and draw the attention too much for your legs or to the hips and I believe that most of the people expected that the focus of the gaze is on your face or in the region of the thorax, however 0 use of the plaid below the waist is not vetoed, provided you take some care:

Question from Reader Is It Wrong to Use Chess in the Lower Part of the Outfit

  • Use a pattern made up of colors that don’t contrast too much between each other helps to let the combo discreet below the navel;
  • The type of chess also influences, the madras is more dressy, while the prince of Wales and window pane comprised of dark colors leave the visual sober and elegant;
  • Not to weigh in the hand you can use something basic on top, but to attract the look with a light color or vibrant;
  • Another option is to use a piece of extremely stylish (but discrete) as a leather jacket, or a blazer impeccable, she will steal the attention that could be given to pants or bermuda;
  • Accessories also help in the composition of the top. Suspenders, ties, scarves and scarves are welcome.

The tips given above can be observed in the images from the gallery below:


Wear plaid or a bermuda on the same standard is something as common as pinstriped or camouflaged, but is not something practiced massively in Brazil, more a matter of custom than anything else. If you found a piece like this and think cool, go ahead, but try to balance the rest of the look is to not go around looking like cartoon character. ; P