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Question: Hello! What is your view on how the shirt should be packed in your pants, when worn suit with tie? Should it be pressed without the ‘haggling’, or you can have a bit of cloth over for convenience? Nisse

Answer: It depends on the person’s body shape and waist pants. For pants with low waist, it is almost impossible that the shirt stays straight. Therefore it is often required that the stopped with additional tygutrymme not tighten when the person moves. Trousers with high waist (stops below the navel) is grateful to wear for those who want the shirt should follow the body all the way.

Since it is a bit of a taste how much fabric knitting look forward. The most important is to be able to sit down and get up without shirt tightens. A person with little stomach carries with advantage pants with higher waist, which means that the shirt can fall freely from the shoulders without tightening around the stomach.

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Question: Hello, our site! Am very impressed by your side, great! My question is if the navy blue and black go together? For example, black chinos, navy pea coat and then black hat? Regards, Mattias

Answer: I would say that it depends on the material. The carpet materials like linen or flannel combination is rarely very exciting. However, it can be supernsygg in finer wool and silk fabrics or for that matter shinier cotton fabrics. Then I would recommend to just black and a slightly darker shade of blue than just the navy. The combination you describe sounds like incidentally, a very neat example.