Question Manolo x 2

Hey! I have become very fond of cut summery chinos. Please look at the two pictures from The Sartorialist I tossed in the e-mail here (see below). My question to you is if you know somewhere in the Gothenburg area where you can get hold of something like this. I am 1.90 and has well a slightly elongated silhouette. Sincerely, Erik

My best tip is to test chinos from Swedish brands like Acne, Hope or Blank. They often have slightly shorter models, but with relatively tailored feel. Have yourself a model from Acne strongly reminiscent of the models you sent. Often, however, the length require slight modification of the tailor to get the ideal length. Every centimeter becomes very important when it comes to something shorter pants. Especially for a taller person. Likewise, it is important that the pants are very narrow. Wide pants that are slightly too short are likely to give a very chopped off impression.

Hello Olof! I live in Stockholm and has a short question. Where can you get a well-tailored classic tweed suit? greetings Viktor

Now it’s maybe a bit wrong season, but I would check classic herrekiperare as Lund & Lund, Götrich or His Allde. Hackett sold in stores such as NK Men and Savile Row may have something similar.