Question Manolo x 3

Question: Hello our site, would first like to thank you for a very good blog. I wonder if there is any Internet site that sells so-called driving gloves? regards Joel

Answer: Here are two tips:

Classic Dents , also available in brown and black with contrasting red stitching. (Price $ 500). Top gloves from Piero Tucci. Available in four colors. (price 740 kr)

Question: Hello, has a double-breasted tuxedo from the Boss from the early 2000s. Have only used it 3 times so it’s fine. Should the tuxedo party about two weeks. Is it completely out with double-breasted or is it ok? / Stefan

Answer: No, the double-breasted is super neat. However, it is very important that it fits nicely. A double breasted jacket that is slightly too big gives very easy a baggy look. Do not hesitate to take it to the tailor change if it needs adjustment.

Question: Hello, our site! I’ll buy a new black classic rock fall. but how do I do with the shoes? almost all my shoes are brown, it’s okay with brown shoes to black coat / jacket? if you could give me some options? Regards Sebastian

Answer: I personally like the idea of brown shoes are not suitable for black is clearly outdated. This probably stems from the time when black was a formal paint only funeral or formal occasions and brown shoes which were considered as too informal. Today the black bigger further allowing you undoubtedly can wear brown shoes also to a black overcoat.

That said, I personally think, however, that a dark blue or possibly a gray overcoat would be a much better option if you have a shoe closet where brown dominate. Get combinations turn brown and blue together.