Ranking: the Most Sought after Models

In this fashion game, one of the most important roles the models play them. Little by little we see in campaigns of large firms are being replaced by celebrities. But there is that worry, can not return to live the time Golden of the Top Models as Linda Evangelista o Naomi Cambell. The models will never disappear because they play an essential part to give off that aura of musa any celebritie will have.

We will not talk about that earn more, or which are more icon than models, nor considered most sexies. We are going to see the Ranking of the 5 models better considered today according to Clothingexpress.org.

Ranked number 5, we have to Karlie Kloss, possibly the least we may sound, but seeing her features sure you recognize it by more than one Publisher.

Possibly your face you is much more familiar to the knowing that is the model who stars in the new Lola perfume campaign of Marc Jacobs. A good photograph of the headhunters Juergen Teller.

4th, we found a model that has been years in this, the great Maria Carla Boscono. Their different features and elegance when posing have put it in the place where it deserves. Here in one of the recent campaign that has made for Givenchy, next to the top Natalia Vodianova.

Another beautiful campaign for Dolce & Gabana.

At the equator of the list we find the Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen and Poland Anja Rubik. We thought that the reign of Freja as model would be somewhat shorter and more would be an icon such as Agyness Deyn o Irina Lazareanu. Along with these two, three bad gateway girls.

Its hard and androgynous features are listed, since the girl is like a chameleon, can move from being a tomboy to a femme fatal in the 1930s. Here in one of the latest campaigns for Chanel Eye Wear.

As we have said before, the third place is shared with the top Anja Rubik, his 25 year-old has become the second most sought after model of the moment.

His face had not broken a dish and its photogenic, have opened you door to share center stage with Chloe Sevigny in the campaign’s signature perfume Chloé.

At number two we also find a small duel between two Russian models, Natasha Poly y Sasha Pivovarova.
Natasha Poly for Gucci.

Natasha starred in campaigns of signatures as Gucci as well as shops where all buy as H & M.

Sasha Pivovarova also shares the blending campaigns of large firms as low-cost stores such as H & M.

An image from the collection of autumn/winter 2009 we love.

One of the last campaigns of H & M swimwear, where shares flashes with Daria Werbory, among others.

To finish the top among the tops, it is Lara Stone.

Lara, is Dutch and has some features that have fallen in love with the world of fashion. Her long blonde hair, her perfect features, and their teeth somewhat apart give that girl look although the model already rubbing age 27.

We leave you with Lara, enjoy it.