Readings for Weddings: Ideas to Surprise

Wedding readings personalize any wedding and are essential to engage the guests.

The ceremony is for most of us the most awaited moment of the great day.

If we are completely sincere with ourselves, it is the moment that we repeat again and again in our head. When I was preparing my own wedding, I longed for the time to enter the ceremony of my father’s arm to the sound of the song I had chosen(More Than a Thought Version by The Piano Guys).

That moment that the world looks at you and you with the heart shrunk, accelerated, the nerves at the foot of flower, you are only looking for the look of your great love. You listen as family and friends receive you with smiles and tears and although you are aware of everything you just want to see the face of that person waiting for you at the altar… For me it is one of the moments that I remember best and that I appreciate our own wedding according to

Many times for the guests, the ceremony may be the moment they least like. It is clear that everyone is looking forward to the party, the aperitif, the beers and the dance. However, a well-organized ceremony with readings for weddings and texts for well-chosen weddings always delights.

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Readings for weddings with Religious Ceremony.

In Catholic weddings the priest will usually let you choose the texts for the religious ceremony . The custom marks that these readings are composed by a first reading, a psalm, a second reading and the gospel.

To personalize the ceremony a little I advise you to invite friends or relatives for these readings for weddings. It is important that you notify the priest so that he can give way to the petition before hearing the sacred readings. I give you some short examples but very soon I will dedicate a complete post to these readings for the religious ceremony.

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First Reading for Weddings:

Book of Genesis 2: 18-24: “The two shall be one.”

Psalms for Weddings:

Psalm 144(145). 8-9. 10 and 15. 17. 18. “The Lord is good to all.”

Second readings for Weddings:

Color. 7, 10-14. “I tell you I’m married now. Well, not me, the Lord.”

Readings for the Civil Wedding.

For a while civil ceremonies are gathering a lot of strength and are becoming more and more popular. It is clear that if we think about a civil wedding we do not necessarily have to imagine ourselves in somber courts. Quite the opposite. Nowadays in many town hall already they are allowed to organize weddings in spaces like gardens, monuments, castles etc etc.

The beauty of civil ceremonies is that it is usually organized with more flexibility and more freedom than religious ceremonies .

Normally the councilors allow you a very wide personalization and this makes this type of ceremony is usually highly appreciated by the guests.

First, the councilor who will officiate the wedding will read the civil code and then give way to readings for personalized weddings of friends and family. At our own wedding we decided to ask each person a close person to dedicate a few words. I chose my best friend from Belgium and my husband asked his brother and cousin. The truth is that it was beautiful and we both shed tears of emotion. I leave you the video

My brother-in-law moved us with an excerpt from the Little Prince that I will share with you in case you like it for your wedding. I admit that I have not read the book but this extract took some tears…

Extract from the book El Principito

Texts for a Civil Wedding with Friends.

And now you are thinking: a civil wedding with friends?. Well yes… Sometimes couples choose to organize a totally personalized ceremony. This can happen when they marry in a town hall that for example does not allow weddings outside the courts or when couples want to get married somewhere different.

When you opt for this type of civil ceremony, couples actually marry officially signing the marriage certificate a few days before in court. After the chosen day a completely personalized ceremony is held where the bride and groom are already with their relatives and friends as if it were an official wedding.

The advantage of this type of ceremony is that there are no rules. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. The guests are often very involved with live music as well as readings for a civil wedding with friends. Friends can provide readings for informal weddings such as poems or even lyrics that identify their friendship.

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Texts for Civil Ceremony:

To love is to want the happiness of the other, by Martin Gray

When at last two souls are found, by Victor Hugo

I hope you have served the post a lot. It has been a little long and so I promise to return to the subject very soon but by separate points. I will try to give you more ideas and readings for weddings according to the type of ceremony.

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