Recycle a Wine as Jewelery Box

I’ve done because using a few things from the most diverse boxes of wine .
From boxes with storage function as this , boxes sewing kit with all of its departments as this , boxes with a merely decorative function, such as this Christmas… even a shelf of garden you can see here.
Which you want to show today is a wine box with enough depth, so it would have been fantastic to make a shelf or a magazine rack. However, I decided to give another use that now I go withtando .
The first thing I did, after the sanding , was applying Deco Lasur of Xylazel in dark rustic oak across the outside, and white Baltic inside. The lasur decorative is a varnish which, in addition to providing long-lasting protection to the wood, allows us to choose among a wide range of colors: from different shades of wood, up to green, blue, pink, etc.
In addition, apply you different effects, giving our piece a finish Pearl, copper, etc., and revealing in greater or less extent the grain of the wood in fuing coats of stain to be applied.
A nice decoupage paper Aquamarine in the background which will be our furniture. About the various hooks, some of which painted with chalk paint and then worn according to Topb2bwebsites.
In a principio the base wine box it was dyed also con thewhite South, but it was too uniform to me and I decided to paint it in the same tonor paper.
Finally, some open sockets in both side upper and small on the bottom. On the latter, uwe skewer sticks that I cut the tip and then painted white.

As unique exterior decoration, a few stencils embossing on both sides. Me encanta the effect of on a dark background white reliefs.
And d and this is so simple… … we have manufactured a practical jewelry Organizer or jeweler from a wine box .
We can place it on any other piece of furniture, like our bedroom Dresser, or in the locker room if we have it.

In tight spaces we can opt to hang it on the wall. It will not take anything and will be also very decorative.

Everything to hand and well organized to not become mad looking for such or which earrings or ring lol… no I often passes?
I hope find it useful and, above all, that you serves as the inspiration for poneros to work with your boxes.