Returns The Touch Eighties of Dresses Jeans

There are clothes that are distinctive of an era, there are others that are more elusive and are passed from one moment to another almost without undergoing any transformation. Become classics. But there are others who are trapped in time and inevitably remind us of something past. That was what I felt with this new trend: dresses jeans.

It was as if it rejuveneciera twenty years ago and joined the denim washed acid that has had its revival with my youth they wore cute dresses jeans. It is clear that I no longer have seven years and therefore in this return of the dresses jeans I can not get in the trunk of the old.

But if that I can recommend where you start your search if you want to get one. The vintage touch leads to those sexy dresses with a kind of apron on top of uan straight skirt. A stiletto heel of colors, large earrings and ultra curly hair poufy and can be an image any video output of Cindy Lauper. East of Miss Selfridges is amazing.

If yours is the good girl look, maybe rather opt for something more relaxed with Topshop, who is the sexy in the aperture in the back and brings a more relaxed dress cowboy with side pockets. Something about kindergarten.

As the folk style is also back, since they can be combined without problem two trends. A straight dress Cowboy as of Topshop or something more subtle and feminine with Ruffles and gathers as the of Miss Selfridges. There is a lot to choose from and a variety of ways to wear these dresses.

Depending on the model, the key is in short boots or stilettos to retrieve the eighties look. Those who are like shirts are very functional as with leggings give it the touch of long ago and if you add footwear more.

Just use your imagination girls.