Review: Smartwatch NO.1 D6, An Authentic Wrist Smartphone

The smartwatch universe is booming and revolutionizing the way smartphones themselves are used, so that some are even on the road to replacing them all.

The NO.1 D6 is a true wrist smartphone, capable of working completely independently and running most of the applications in the Play Store. See all the details in our review.

The NO.1, with this D6 model, boasts of having one of the few smartwatches with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, values ​​that until very recently were common in entry-level smartphones. With this capability and a low resolution screen (although good density), you can achieve excellent performance in terms of the type of device that is and the price to pay for it … about 75 €.


With this D6 we can count on the normal functionalities of a smartphone. It is a smartwatch that offers functionality of a true smartphone, supporting a nano-SIM card to handle calls, SMS or mobile Internet. It allows Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and has several sensors, such as pedometer, accelerometer and heart rate sensor, to monitor physical activity according to Andyeducation.

It is possible to install applications normally used on smartphones, search the browser, navigate a map (since it has an integrated GPS), watch a video on YouTube or even catch pokémons, as it is incredibly capable of running the Pokémon GO!

It is equipped with a 1.63-inch rectangular screen with 320 x 320 pixel resolution, a Mediatek MTK6580 SoC, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of non-expandable internal storage. The Android version that comes with this NO.1 D6 is the 5.1 Lollipop and has a 450 mAh battery.

Complete specifications

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The NO.1 D6 under consideration is silver and its structure is made of steel, with good finishes and an elegant look … well, that’s a moot point, I’ll admit that rectangular watches, such as Apple Watch or LG G Watch, do not Are the ones I like the most, but, as they say, “likes do not argue” and this watch suits any type of user, more than it initially seems.

As already mentioned, the screen is square and on the front are the control buttons (options, menu and back). The protection of the front is very susceptible to fingerprints, not seeming to have any oleophobic treatment. It has a single physical button with the Power function on the right side, and the volume can only be controlled in the system options.

Its dimensions are 55.30 x 5.70 x 1.12 cm and weighs 54 g, a weight appropriate to the size and comfortable to bring on the wrist. The bracelet is leather, synthetic, and can be replaced by any typical watch bracelet.

The cable that allows the charging is magnetic, fitting correctly to the contacts required for charging, however, it turns off with some ease, since the cable is not very flexible. It would be more interesting if he brought a base for loading.


Answering the question: versatility. You can run any application in this smartwatch, such as Gmail, Hangouts (including making video calls, being the only image received), navigating Maps, watching a video on YouTube, playing a car simulator, searching by voice, typing on the keyboard , See the weather, see photos, see Facebook, see Pplware in Google Chrome, download torrents … I had already said that I could give everything, did not I? It’s amazing how apps adapt to this screen size, becoming fully functional.

Of course, there are things that do not make sense to do on a 1.63 “screen, but what is fact is that they are possible and D6 is not denied. You just lack a camera and … a vibrating engine !! True, this smartwatch does not have a vibration engine, which does not make much sense, given the way it notifies you of the arrival of a vibration call, even in very noisy environments.

As for calls … “Kitt, come and get me!” Who remembers this leaves of “The Punisher”, or “Knight Rider”. True, it may seem a bit bizarre to be talking to a watch, but a Bluetooth headset (or car handsfree kit) can be used to make calls. In any case, the loudspeaker on the D6 works very well, with no echoes or noises. During a call the volume control is always present on the screen.

The D6 can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing the mobile Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices. The pedometer works well and allows for isolated measurements, independent of the total daily recording. The heart rate sensor is a bit slow to make the measurement, compared to the Mi Band 2 or Gear Fit2, but it measures the heart rate with similar accuracy.


The interface is typical of Android but in condensed format. In terms of definitions, you have only the essentials … and do not need more.

In the video below you can see the whole interface and the way everything is presented in the D6.

As for interaction with an Android smartphone (also compatible with iOS), where it can serve as a means to trigger notifications (only with Bluetooth connected), the utility of this smartwatch as simple smartwatch is practically nil, since it is not possible to do anything action. The D6 serves only as a screen to show notifications, where the basic application available allows to manage the applications from which we want to receive notification … and little else.

In terms of operating system update, currently in version 5.1 Lollipop, the brand promises an upgrade to version 6.0 Marshmallow, with no official release date. As soon as the smartwatch was powered on, there were 3 incremental updates, with the last dated 16 July.


The performance of this smartwatch, considering the price and performance expected of a smartwatch, is impeccable.Whether they are simple or more complex tasks, the performance of the SoC together with 1 GB of RAM means that there is no hiccup in the execution of the tasks. You can even switch between open applications in the background, without any problems or complications.

In prolonged use, or of greater processing effort, the D6 heats up with some intensity and can get to give some discomfort. In any case, it is to be expected that such a device will not be used intensively or very continuously, because the battery capacity does not allow this.

In terms of “measuring” performance, the Antutu Benchmark scored 22784 marks, an impressive figure for such a device.


This is undoubtedly a less good point. The space does not abound, inside the small chassis, and there are no miracles about the capacity of the battery that can be placed there. The advertised capacity of 450 mAh is sufficient for about 2 hours of continuous, moderately heavy use. If it’s only used to receive notifications, you should be able to stay up to the end of the day, always with Wi-Fi on, but you will not have much power left. In addition, be selective in choosing which triggers notifications, because Hangouts, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail and Google Now are applications that will consume all energy before the end of the day.

Note that it was necessary to recharge at least 3 times so that the battery was correctly calibrated. While it did not stay, the smartwatch would shut down before the displayed capacity reached 0%.


The NO.1 D6 smartwatch thus reveals itself as a great potential gadget, possibly even with more capacity than the one really needed. It does not have a vibration engine, something that I consider essential in such a device.

As an attachment to a smartphone, the use of this smartwatch does not make sense, given the poor application it has.However, as an “all-in-one wrist”, considering mainly the possibility of making calls and consulting sporadically the email or something on the Internet, the D6 fulfills with distinction, actually being able to replace a smartphone.

Autonomy is another factor of penalization, perhaps the worst, but it is an evil of any smartwatch with this type of capabilities.

The NO.1 D6 is available online for about € 66, from China without customs costs, using the Priority Line – Spain Express method of shipment. The average delivery time is 10 to 15 days.

Pplware thanks NO.1 for providing the NO.1 D6 smartwatch for analysis.