Right Bridal Lingerie for Wedding Night

Bridal underwear 2015, the right lingerie for your wedding night. Sexy clothing made in lace, romantic silk modulations, here are the best proposals bridal 2015

Once the intimate for a wedding night was chosen with great care, and was an obvious choice for him and her, but today, women are much more open and liberated, as well as the relationships between couples, so the most that tied to the desires of the beloved appears to be the result of narcissism of us women, looking for something special in the most special day of our lives. This does not necessarily mean giving up the sensuality of lingerie, in fact quite the opposite, in fact today the range of proposals is so varied that it is definitely difficult to find the right compromise will keep under intimate that we look for in a suit all day, so that it is elegant, sensual but also comfortable.

Like every year there are lots of brands that it indulges in propose lingerie for wedding night but even garments to wear under clothes during their honeymoon, a rich range of proposals that all share some common elements such as silk, lace and colour, usually white, ivory or nude in relation to length and the taste of the bride who wears it.

Not only reputable brand dli lingerie very expensive, but also much more accessible, famous brands as Intimissimi Yamamay that with as much commitment and great value for money this year have created a bridal collection that has nothing to envy to that of Stella Mccartney, which this year has focused on clean lines and simple animated by a faded, , floral decoration. The lingerie for the bride to the Pearl offers a taste literally Victorian, and is perfect for the bride who dreams of wearing a sexy boss. In the same vein of wedding underwear Intimissimi reeds that focuses on total white and light and tactile fabrics like silk. Lace pastel décor and romantic lingerie Claire Pettibone, while Agent Provocateur aims at sexy style. You’re looking for inspiration, please take a look at our gallery.