Rodrigo Robson, Brazilian Designer Jewelry That Fell in Like Beyonce

Very nice, love for what you do and a good dose of positivity are attributes that define the next miner designer conquering celebrities world (Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga are on the list). The last big surprise ofRodrigo Robson went to see their creations in the video for the song Sorry and the album Lemonade North American singer Beyonce. Think little? He has received more than 20 Awards around the world and plans to conquer more.

We had a good chat with this great representative of Brazilian talent for new jewelry, check out a little around here and the full interview you find in the printed version of the Vitrinne Magazine-Issue 18 (here!).

Vm. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Work with jewelry for 15 years, I started in Belo Horizonte, my hometown, where I studied and learned a lot

VM For Which Brands?

My first job was with the Jewels of BH, shortly after came to Dryzun in SP, then there are 3 Denoir, Vivara and years ago I was invited to take on a new project called Maxior, which today is my home.

Vm. What Are The Greatest Achievements Of Your Career?

I received more than 20 awards throughout the world, among them the Auditions (largest jewelry design award in gold in the world), Tanzanite Celebration of Life NEW YORK, Tahitian Pearl Trophy Samshin Diamond Contest, among others.In addition to the prizes other achievements are important, like being in the new music video from Beyoncé (music Sorry the new look album Lemonade) was much larger than I had planned, it was a big surprise. Moreover, wear other people like Michele Obama, Lady Gaga, Rachel Mcadams, Queen Latifah among other celebrities are also achievements. Some jewels were in some important events like the American Music Awards, with Jennifer Lopez, red carpet Oscar and Golden Globe 2016 2016.

Vm. What Plans And Aims For The Future?

My dreams are too big.They have always been. Plan to develop increasingly more, be a better leader and a designer each time more sensitive against the expression of my work. The other plans more “physical” are many, are strokes, is now chasing.

The full interview is in the pages of the latest issue of our magazine.