Rolex Submariner Classic Watch

Their design: the best-known its kind. Its purpose: Incredible depth. Their function: Read the time-functional and reliable. You is a classic that put design characters and finds himself ever since for many manufacturers. She is the mother of all diving Watches-Rolex Submariner. Last but not least Submariner ennobling the replicas sold worldwide to tourist hotspots of the clock as a model-still not counting the numerous tributes, which can rent a little design and bask in the reflected glory. Rightly she gave before the design of a professional diver’s watch.

The ur-Submariner from 1953, today a popular collector’s item with the value of a single-family house. Photo: antiquorum

1953 is a special year. In Russia Josef Stalin dies, in the UK, a new Queen is crowned with Elizabeth II.. Volkswagen lowers the price of a VW Beetle from 4,400 to DM 4,200, and Swiss watch manufacturer Rolex presents a clock for the practice of diving under founder Hans Wilsdorf. The price at that time for the watch with a black dial, stainless steel case, and for the first time a rotating bezel with luminous marker is significantly less than 1,000 Deutsche mark. These features distinguish the functionality of the clock, as well the characteristic since then Mercedes hands.Dial pointer carry strong luminous markers and facilitate so the readability also under water, and in the darkness of the bedroom. The oyster case waterproof already in its basic form was initially designed for a pressure resistance of up to 100 meters for diving (references 6200, 6204). Later a waterproof was guaranteed up to 200 meters up to 180 m and shortly thereafter. As a result, the production model gained even a density of 300 meters. However the depth limit due to successful dives moves further upwards – the technology to the density test was still not very pronounced in the 50s. So, Rolex makes itself the dense pre-testing for the later experiments of diving test with Auguste Piccard at the ETH in Zürich – Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule.

Rolex to Piccard, the former famous Swiss Professor of physics turned already in February 1952. A clock should accompany the Professor on his famous dives, but not his wrist, but the outer shell of the operation at the diving trips with the “Trieste”.

In September 1953, it is true, and for the first time went the Rolex deep sea special-shaped glass and massivstem housing on dive. 3,150 metres was achieved at that time – a record. The oyster remained tight, and although the production model was significantly sleeker, the action does not miss their effect.

Who nevertheless wanted to venture in maximum depth, offered for the another variant of the Submariner Rolex in 1967: the sea-dweller is a special model, developed for the diving company COMEX. The French specialist for underwater equipment and operations depend on professional equipment. Today the COMEX-gemarkten models present a special feature – up to 60,000 euros and partly clearly more former resources are today worth. First 610 meters the sea-dweller as a special form of the Submariner sets a depth record for the Rolex series models, beginning in 1980, the watch is waterproof up to 1,220 meters. The models of the current sea-dweller deep sea, presented in 2008, coming in just under four kilometres deep into the danger zone of the water fall. The watch with a few mechanical watches that can withstand this pressure tested to a depth of 3,900 metres is the. Since the presentation of the first sea-dweller, an automatic helium valve belongs to the capsule appearance to the facilities of the watch. The breathing air in diving bells is enriched with helium, which can occur in the form of gas in watches. When the pressure compensation during the surfacing process, helium can but not again escape – would most likely result in a blasting off the watch face.The helium can escape through the automatic valve, without causing any damage.

To showcase the Submariner in 1953 is the clock reduced to some later feature: no date display interrupts the markers of the dial, also knows the clock still no flank protection for the screw-down Crown. in 1957, a comprehensive model of care is made in the case and bezel are reinforced. The characteristic flank protection for the Crown with two cams is complemented in 1959 – the new top reference 5512 receives this detail. Especially for collectors, the vintage models are years appreciated and coveted to the 80s. Charismatic features, such as the soft yellowish colored markers, faded Lünetteninlays and some other trace a long life give a unique charm and charm these watches. This includes also the plexiglass, which emits more heat due to its domed shape. Only in 1988 was the final replacement by Sapphire Crystal.

1960, the deep sea special, which appeared seven years previously successful at 3,150 metres, reaches a new record depth. At the bottom of the Mariana Trench the submersible Trieste reached a depth of 10,916 meters with the Bathyscaphe, operated by Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, during a project of the United States Navy. Also this time the Rolex in the outer skin of the vessel is attached.

The now characteristic date Magnifier receives together with the date of the Submariner only In 1966. Despite the technical background which is Submariner today still a watch with immense recognition – but in the hard dive usage most of the watches will be. Swimming pool or hot tubs are likely to significantly more likely are among the challenges – yet the Submariner even today a professionally designed instrument. For pure Boulevard Tiger, Rolex offers models in monetary gold or bicolor – for purists usually frowned upon and on the used market notorious for straps with the special Rolex stretch wear and tear, especially the bicolor models are vulnerable to.

Other applications prove that, because the Submariner will find its way into the use of her Majesty. Of the world’s most famous secret agent wearing a Rolex, to come starting with Sean Connery in the role of James long years bond. “James Bond jagt Dr. No” British secret bears service agent for the first time a Rolex, of course a Submariner. First, bond carries the clock on the textile strap, marriage in later films, the classic Oyster Bracelet with diving extension finds its way into the buckle on the clock. Later, the famous 007 Outfitters ‘Q’ takes on the clocks. 1973 James Bond saves himself with his female consort in “live and let die” from an awkward situation. Helpful in the strong magnet in his Rolex – and especially the bezel, which is to use as a circular saw. It will be called although decades later in the movie dialogue: “nice watch. Rolex? “, and bond replies:” No, Omega”- but the real bond watch will be always a Rolex.” In Ian Flemings Romanen the hero wears a watch – one of the autobiographical elements used by Fleming: he also wears Rolex from conviction.

What has been reality for the secret service only in the film, took place in reality for the Royal Navy: you used the Submariner as alarm clock service, the 5513 and 5517 references were used here. With second-hand prices from 3,000 euros for younger models, the watch is between beginner and intermediate range. Old models reach prices of up to $10,000, features such as the lacquered dial with patina in the form of cracks reach mostly the highest prices.

The rugged exterior is the common quality characterized also the movement. Several works were however never explicitly designed for the Submariner are installed over the years. In 1955 the new caliber was obstructed 1030, a chronometer-certified movement with 25 jewels, Breguet hair spring, screw balance wheel. Later fitted with the longest is the caliber 3135 and 3130 in the non-chronometer version without a date – often the entry into the world of the Submariner, which is used as 2,500 euro mostly satisfiable so far under the new entry-level price

In 2003 she celebrates birthday: celebrating 50 years of Submariner, and first color finds its way into the previously purely black world of diver’s watch. The reference 16610LV has a Green Aluminum bezel instead of the traditional black, as well as a dial with significantly larger indexes. The minute hand is also grown in its breadth for the special model, which at that time was considered as the object of speculation. Who had the good fortune to be able to get hold of one, could sell only hours later it with deep turn-ups. Still, prices from 6,000 euros for the “green bezel” are called in their great form.

The current models are consistently converted to the new design since 2008–also one of the most exciting innovations include the Submariner: the ceramic bezel. Long time of inlay ring consisted of anodized aluminum that is discolored with not only the time, but was also unsightly scuff marks. With the new engraved ceramic bezel Submariner takes new depth in optics and also new high quality. It may, eagerly anticipated what the future for this classic still!

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