Safari Jacket from Zaremba Bespoke

A garment that is written about a lot in recent years and appeared frequently on the famous # menswear profiles are safari jacket. You could read more about the garment’s history here at Manolo for more than a year ago. Today we look at a more luxurious variant of this garment from the Polish tailor Zaremba Bespoke.

I have as a customer come to know Maciej Zaremba quite well in recent years and has become quite good friends with him. Last winter, when he visited Sweden and we had lunch together so we started talking about the safari jacket, a garment that we both like. Zaremba had an idea to produce a final version of this garment which he would sell in his shop. He asked if I wanted to help him to develop a prototype that would be the basis for this jacket he had in mind. It sounded like a fun project, and we both started in different places to sketch and think. We sought inspiration from all sorts of different directions, from the old real rugged safari jackets to the more tailored variations Roger Moore as James Bond bar in a couple of movies. Then we created together with one of his employees to the cutter a paper pattern.

Based on this, his tailor sewed a jacket for me to evaluate. We chose a dark green fabric from Loro Piana as he had in stock. It came from sommarbunchen and was in fine wool / silk / linen and a discreet herringbone pattern. Then both I and Maciej felt satisfied with the result as he converted pattern to finished sizes and initially began offering a summer version in linen from W.Bill. These are sold as mentioned in the company’s web shop for about 500 EUR. In winter there are also plans for a coarser wool or tweed.

Since its launch just before the summer, several of Zarembas existing customers have chosen to sew individual tailored safari jackets for a personal touch, but also a higher price. The possibility of this there is also for those who wish.

As this is not a review but more of an interesting project I attended I will not review the results. Quick, I can only say that I enjoy working with the fit, but the fabric is not as suitable for this type of garment. Had I bought a new one I had chosen a coarse cloth with a little more in the Charter such as cotton or linen, alternatively rough tweed.