Saman Amel Visit Göteborg

Many readers will be aware that much of our coverage here at Manolo focuses on events, events and shops in the capital. Today I thought we therefore advise of an upcoming Trunk Show in Sweden’s second largest city, when the guys from Saman Amel first visit to Gothenburg April 1 to 2 to take orders.

The company Saman Amel has since 2009 developed very rapidly. From being the only pure bespoke manufacturer of ties with production in Sweden that in just a few years, offering a full-service measure sewing of jackets, trousers, coats and shirts are very impressive.

We did not sew a suit of Saman last year which you could read about here and here Manolo.

Since then, it has happened a lot in the company. It has primarily moved from Engelbrektsgatan where we visited the company to its current studio at Kommendörsgatan 21 at Östermalmstorg.

The company has introduced a range of clothing products, such as a series of knitwear polo shirts and popover as the most obvious feature.

Even the custom-made garments have evolved a lot. Saman Amel now have three price levels for their costumes that look like the following.

Handmade in Naplesfrom 20 000

The company’s cutting-edge line that is 100% produced by hand in Naples. Available with all its fabrics.

Tuscanyfrom SEK 13 000

The company’s baseline with several hand-stitched details and full canvas construction produced in Tuscany. Available in all its fabrics.

Business line – from 9500 SEK

The latest addition to the range in which it stripped away the aesthetic care operations as buttonholes and only retained the functional parts of the inside of the suit. Limited to a small range of inexpensive fabrics with focus on blue and gray.