Sandals for Wedding by Day-Custom Sandals

Many couples prefer daytime marriage, which is becoming more and more common.  The traditional is usually the evening wedding, but both have a special and different charm. Wedding during the day requires decoration and many other different items. The clothes of the guests and of the brides, for example, is something that should adorn with the climate. If the day is sunny and the wedding is open, clothes are cooler, less formal dresses and men’s clothing gain more comfort.

The shoes also get a special touch. The sandals are lower and less shiny. The bride is one of the characters who wins the most with the daytime wedding, as it brings more comfort in all aspects. Speaking of sandals, we can not forget the  custom sandals for brides, which are also delivered to the guests in the form of souvenirs.

They are finger sandals with different patterns and colors. These outdoor shoes are specially made for that day, with the date of the wedding, photo of the bride and groom, messages and more. The photo is usually a caricature, to give a touch of humor in the piece. There are so many  models of wedding sandals  that the bride and groom are confused when it comes to choosing. The tip is that the color of the sandal is matching with the party decoration. Some prefer to make the sandal just for the bride to wear, but in most cases hundreds are made so that all the guests receive a gift pair.

On the site ECamisetas you will find a multitude of products to personalize, including the sandals. Through the site you assemble your sandals the way you want, with photos, messages, colors and more. Just choose the quantity and all the pairs arrive at your house within the stipulated time by the company. If you prefer you can opt for companies that organize marriage. In big cities there are dozens of them. Still in the sandal issue, we can also talk about the bride’s main sandal and also the bridesmaids.

The  heel sandals for bridesmaids  look good at any time, but must be softer, more calm tones and low gloss. Even though it is a daytime wedding, platform heels and Anabela do not match the occasion. Check out some models of custom sandals.