Satellite Equipment to Be Connected in the Mountains

Lightweight devices manufactured to be occupied in remote or isolated places, because the technology they use allows the user to connect, practically, with any part of the world.

Wide coverage, high resistance to extreme environments, ease of use and transportation, and ability to transmit voice and / or data are some of the characteristics offered by the various satellite equipment provided by Tesacom for those who require communication in the mountains.

This is mentioned by Daniel Malaiu, general manager of Tesacom for Chile, who explains that they are light devices manufactured to be occupied in remote or isolated places, because the technology they use allows the user to connect with practically any part of the world.

“On several occasions, we learned from the press about cases of people who, defying nature, ventured to travel a mountain or mountain without the experience, knowledge, clothing, food or implements necessary for it. Sometimes they are highly skilled, and very confident, people who are surprised by a storm or unexpected accident without being able to ask for help. It is in such situations where satellite communication plays a crucial role in saving lives, “said the executive.

In terms of satellite equipment, Tesacom has different alternatives ranging from messengers that only allow data communication, through satellite telephones for voice and data communications, and modern hotspots that-using a satellite connection-allow the creation of a Wi-Fi compatible with traditional smartphones and tablets.

Among the first highlights Spot GEN3, a device marketed in Chile by Tesacom and whose plans of use must be contracted directly by those interested in the manufacturer’s website ( findmespot ). Depending on the contracted plan and with the push of a button, it allows to accurately send the GPS position of the user in a message, to one or more email and cell recipients, informing about their location, geographic location and / or route. In addition, using the SOS key it is possible to alert emergency and / or rescue agencies to be rescued. This equipment, unlike its predecessors, is more intelligent given that it comes with a motion sensor that, as the user moves, captures its location.

Between the seconds, stands out the Iridium Extreme that is a modern, small and complete satellite telephone.Among its features are a GPS-enabled system, programmable search and rescue (SOS) emergency key, and the ability to send tracking data. Thus, and using Google Maps, it is possible for the user to send, via text message, his exact position to request help in case of danger.

At the level of access points, there is the device Iridium GO!, product that can generate a Wi-Fi network with a coverage of up to 30 meters. To be used outdoors, Iridium GO! Has an SOS mode that allows the user to contact the emergency services, should they suffer any type of mishap. This compact, rugged and portable unit extends the capabilities of any smartphone, by creating a Wi-Fi network that uses satellites-anywhere on the planet. Iridium GO! Allows for satellite connectivity for mobile devices, where terrestrial networks can not reach.


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