Scarves Trends Winter 2014

The best thing about the winter: We can finally wear scarves! For scarves and shawls are much more than just functional garments. They have blossomed for many the favorite accessory in our wardrobe.

Once it gets colder, the stylish neck warmer a permanent companion. For they not only keep warm on but worth every outfit. Thanks to the large variety of patterns and materials, we find the matching scarf for any look.

Properly Wrapped-The Scarf Trends

With a plaid scarf á la Burberry one is never wrong, but this year the classic is a must-have!Whether classically in beige or funky in bright red and olive green. Combined with classic blouses, trench coats and tweed blazers, the “Brit Chic” perfect.

Always popular: Classic Scarves

Classic Scarves can be brought in this year out of the cupboards. Warm not only wonderful, but also convince optically. Fashionistas have long recognized the trend and wear solid-colored chunky knit variants to oversize coats and sweaters. In order not to “sackig” looks are skinny jeans or feminine dresses duty. Those who prefer colorful scarves, should choose a simple, monochrome outfit possible. Thus, the colorful scarves for absolute eye-catcher.Incidentally Scarves can be quickly andeasily knit itself. The advantage: You can design you your favorite piece in her own way. How about, for example with a newloop scarf?

Loop Scarves In All Variations

Because even loop scarves are back in fashion this year. One can find all kinds of variations. From XXL knits to brightly patterned wrap scarves. Loops enhance any basic outfit in a flash. They look not only beautiful but are also still very convenient. One need no longer have to worry about how best to wrap the scarf. Simply place two or three times around the neck and finished.

The New Trend: Scarves With Bleeding

New this winter scarves and shawls with bleeding. After Ombre Hair Trend, there are now the scarves that inspire with smooth color transitions. The mostly two-colored scarves and patterned outfits are allowed, but you should coordinate the colors well together.

G anz high in demand is yet another trend. The designers of all major fashion houses have shown the way and scarves brought back on the catwalks. The formerly stamped as stuffy towels experience this year a comeback.

Choices range from brightly colored silk to cashmere simple variants. Combined with casual Knitted Sweaters or boyfriend jeans cloths act totally not stuffy. It’s best to crease the cloth into a triangle and knotted it front loosely.

Beanies And Bobble Hats Are Fashionable

Of course in addition to scarves a number of other winter accessories. Hip heavy this year are headgear in the form of beanies and bobble hats. Both variants are very similar to the sectional, but bobble hats are knitted often coarser and have a bobble. The caps should sit very loose at the back. Permitted are all colors of muted earth tones to neon tones.

On the hands, this year, besides the usual woolen gloves, worn especially leather. Leather gloves guarantee a luxurious look with fur lining or knitting keep our hands warm even in freezing temperatures.

In our online shop at you will find a wide range of scarves and hats to replenish your winter wardrobe. So you come Stay warm through the cold season!