Season Shoes

All we want to know that it is what takes this autumn that is very cold, and to complete our styling it is essential to choose and “very good” complement star, “shoes”.

whether for your day of work, University, an afternoon of shopping or a night of partying, the watchword is to follow the trend of this season, here we tell you the ‘what’ and ‘how’ bring them:

For a female and youth look for Mary Janes, with or without heels, they will be the perfect companion for mini-dresses or sober suits.

Anticipated it, Oxford booties, shoes star this winter, with or without platform, patent leather, take them with masculine-cut trousers and skinny are better still. Would you like to be the Queen of the night? Combine them with a sexy mini-dress.

To win a few centimeters in height, return once more platforms, stilettos are mostly a bet of more elegant and feminine.

The patent leather, continues mostly in black, this material takes control of all of the trends mentioned above.

As you can see, the choice of footwear depends largely on the image you want to project, the winter offer is very varied, what are your Favorites?.

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