Shirt Collar That Favors You

Good morning everyone. Happy Wednesday!How is the week going? I hope it’s phenomenal!

Today we introduce you to Pablo, a guy that we love and with whom we have a lot of fun. It was very easy to work with him.

For him we have selected necks of different shirts, since by its oval face can afford any type of neck. But, did you know that according to the facial structure, you favor more one type of shirt collar than others?

Today we discover, what kind of shirt collarsuits you better, depending on your facial structure. Let’s start!

Shirt Collar That Favors You!

Oval Face

As I say, the oval face is perfect as it supports any type of cleavage.

Square and round face

However if your face is slightly square, or round I suggest you wear polo shirts or a neck collar Mao. Your face will look much better.

Angular And Triangular Face

If on the contrary, your face is rather angular (pointed chin), we recommend that you wear round neck t-shirts. So the effect of the shirt will help you look better.

I hope you liked the advice today. Enjoy the photos and video of the making of.

A huge kiss that ends well the week. While you can follow me in my IG.