Shoes: How to Organize Them?

Women are in love with clothes, bags, accessories, makeup, and SHOES. We don’t settle for just a pair for each occasion, even more so diversity of colors, designs, textures and types.

Along with the crazy passion, most of us pulled out the hairs when it comes to conserve and keep the shoes. So I prepared some tips for you to organize them.

First step: Give or take for repair

You don’t have to get rid of pampering, loved ones, but keep shoes that you don’t wear, only if you have space to give them status of collection, with an amazing crab envy Claudia Raia or any celebrity amateur for shoes according to

Recommend donate that you don’t use or are too old and worn out.

In fact, if you do not use more than 1 and a half, take out of the closet. Another tip is to analyze if really worth sending to the cobbler, many people keep for years on end shoes to be taken in for repair.

OK, I understand that there are some cases where the shoe is part of your history, those sneakers when you were forrozeira, or sneaker that accompanied you on that trip of backpacking through Europe with the most amazing College Kitty. But don’t tell me that the 50 pairs that you have, all have remarkable stories.

To select, you can use some criteria:

ü Every 3 shoes purchased doe 1 pair;

ü Donate the ones you bought in the promotion but never used;

ü Doe also those who end up with your foot.


Gather all the shoes and separate by frequency of use and type.

The daily use should be stored in an easily accessible and visible location.

The party and the station (boots, galoshes beach slippers etc …) can be separated if I don’t have room to keep them together from everyday use.

It is worth mentioning that after using all footwear must be cleaned and aired before going back into the closet/shoe rack.

There are in the market for various types of shoe organizers, see what fits best to your pocket and your space and hands to work!


Shoes of little use, such as party, can be stored in vertical organizers inside of cabinets, or stacked on top of the cabinets.

TNT bags are great for protecting your shoes, take them on the go or stack them.

To see a larger number of shoes when you arrange them on the shelf, place a pair in front and the other behind, instead of placing them side by side. This way you see more shoes.

The boots deserves special attention, the long barrel should be stored lying down

Otherwise, they will be marked and may Crackle in the doubles.

To keep them standing use pet bottles or glass in them In some cities and abroad, it is possible to buy pvc cylinders or own wood to keep the boots.

Make holes in the bottle and put marbles or pebbles inside to weigh. To avoid mildew and scaring away moths, also put clove.

You can find on the internet and in the large centers, pvc cylinders or appropriate wood to keep the boot on foot.