Short Dresses for Civil Wedding

At the civil wedding takes place between the bride and groom a union before the law, which involves rights and duties and whose implementation is the responsibility of a judge or a mayor.

A civil wedding is an event rather legal and serious, so I recommend that you not use garments very screeching colors or textures very daring.

At the time of choosing a dress, keep in mind the following: see if the wedding will be inside or outside. If your civil wedding celebrate it in a living room you must dress formally and if do it in a garden the clothing you use should be more casual.

According to Andyeducation, wedding dress shorts are characterized as being particularly sensual and because they seek to highlight the female figure, giving women an air very sophisticated and daring, short dresses are ideal for this type of wedding.

Civil weddings are becoming more frequent and therefore designers have more and more present when designing a beautiful wedding dresses.

Civil weddings Protocol is less strict, witnesses and the guests at the party must also address certain issues: women can be tailor or short dresses in soft tones, and shoes matching bag. The men, dark suit and tie.

Here Lakes photos of short dresses for civil weddings, elegant and very comfortable to wear them on this special day:

This elegant short dress is a jewel for brides who want to choose a different color to white for their civil wedding.

If you want a comfortable, away from the conventional dress and you can recycle for another occasion, we recommend this model.

This elegant dress asymmetrical neckline also slipped among the most favorites for use in our civil wedding.


For all brides seeking to give a touch to your dress sexy, nothing better than using this elegant model.

Elegant and very beautiful is this short dress in Pearl-Grey silk, it is very suitable to wear it at civil weddings.

Another ideal dress for a civil wedding is this elegant and beautiful short dress that this combination of white and black.