Short Skirts – Skirts Summer

Short skirts are perfect for warm days in spring or summer. Here are some tips for your styling from homo society.


Which skirts are in strong hips and thighs?

Women with the A-type character, so strong thighs, flat stomach and narrow upper body can bear circle skirts and skirts well in A-line. This will continue in all the right places and play around the figure. Who has strong hips, yet slender legs and a not too large buttocks, may also pick up the balloon skirt.


Which skirt shape conceals a little belly?

Women with a little belly must not renounce a skirt. Models that draw attention to the slender legs, are advantageous. Particularly the classics, the pencil skirt, the tight tapers to the knee down is just the average. It is important that the short skirt sits on the hip.

Flat Po – which short skirt is suitable?

Women with a flat Po should take up rock forms, added bumble something feminine curves. Good wear, for example, wide circle skirts, chic pleated skirts and swinging A-line skirts. A wrap skirt suggests femininity. With an androgynous figure, but you can well put your slim silhouette in scene, for example, with a skirt in a bell shape.


Which short skirts are women with large calves?

Strong lower leg and calves are not a reason to abandon a breezy summer skirt. It is important that you choose the right skirt shape and an advantageous material: A swinging circle skirt with flowing folds gives your character a distinct ease because a lot of fabric swirls around the body. Ends of the skirt above the knee, the view is also directed upwards. Highly recommended is a lightweight material, so that the rock is moved in waves. Also flounce skirts of several layers of fabric are well suited to deflect from the calves. Just make sure that this skirt shape without adding bulk to your butt around.


When is a short skirt suitable for the office?

Unlike a miniskirt a short skirt is quite suitable for the office, if he is about knee length and knee length. According to calculator inc, a pencil skirt in classic or bright colors, monochrome A-line skirts and Plisseeröcke combined with blouses in summer suitable business outfits. Striking prints, wild patterns and bright colors, however, should remain the Leisure reserved.


Further information:

Rock forms: denim skirt, leather skirt, pencil skirt, wrap skirt, pleated skirt, pleated skirt, flared skirt, flounced skirt.

Material: cotton, jersey, jeans, wool, leather, imitation leather tweed, silk, stretch.

Short skirts 2016: Women show leg

Short skirts for women are always in season, and the combination of a fun time. In summer, showing skin, enjoying the warm breeze around the legs; is it cool, fit a decorative tights with a skirt. A short skirt, worn with leggings or high leather boots, ensures a looker.

Be invigorated by the many silhouettes and styles in 2016 that provides you here. Locker sits example the bell, valance and A-line skirt. The step-skirt is romantic and swinging circle skirt feminine. Sportiv are cargo, jeans and beach-rock; to the tight garments are the pen and the stretch skirt. Also in the material here provides an interesting range. Elegant short skirts are made of tweed, twill or wool, noble short skirt of pleated tulle, silk or lace; Stir always excite the leather skirt. Comfortable and casual, the lady in jeans, corduroy or Jersey is dressed.