Shorts Fashion 2.0

The shorts raises every summer discussion. According to many a distinctly casual wear for the holidays, while others wear it as natural to work as a restaurant visit. And it’s probably going to discuss short sen to be or not to be its infinity. But what a nice pair of shorts out?

The answer is largely in length and cut. A good starting point are shorts that ends just above the knees. Further models tend to provide a very drawling impression while shorter absolute models can be neatly on a support with the right figure. For the silhouette is clearly recommending a somewhat straighter shape than a too narrow. Shorts that are tightening around the thighs is possibly acceptable if we’re talking bike shorts, but little else. For those who wish for a more well-dressed feel even recommended sewn type.

The material is cotton in navy blue or khaki abandoned classic. Madras, chambray or seersucker is the alternative for those who want to stand out a little more. An interesting phenomenon emerged in recent years is “Shorts Suits”. Thus a uniform suit with shorts instead of pants. Not infrequently, the feel is a bit overgrown boys’ school style, but in washed linen and cotton fabrics with a deconstructed silhouette need it absolutely can not be entirely wrong.