Shoulder Jewelry for Brides

It’s a fact: the time has come and the time of the shoulders in the bridal world. With the old acquaintance strapless they were apparent, but naked, now the fever is making them shine with the shoulder jewelry. Trend embraced tightly by designers like American moderninhas Sara Gabriel, designer of the same name, and the Irish Debbie Bailie, of Gibson Bespoke, the optimisation of the shoulder can be denoted by “jewels of shoulder”, leaving the little girl and neck circumference go all the neck of the bride – creating unique combinations when superimposed on the dresses- and the increasing demand of brides for exclusive and super cuffs worked.

Inspired by accessories and jewelry of ancient Greece and the pagan civilizations of Ireland, Debbie Bailie believes the fever by adorn the shoulders come the possibility of brides in combining tradition and contemporary, with a lot of identity according to BeautyGenerate.

-The shoulder adornment go against the dress code that sends only use discrete necklaces and plays with a multitude of possibilities. In my Office, I can design custom necklaces according to the dress of the bride. My customers like to express personal style, even when using a super classic dress. And the jewel of shoulder came as a perfect answer to this demand. Accessories are a great way to express personality. Once the jewel is placed, she creates a unique combination – the Irish designer.

Representative of Gibson Bespoke in Brazil, the businesswoman Patricia Oliveira, a member of the non stop shop Look At The Bride, in Ipanema, is shoulder jewel enthusiast as an alternative to excessive lace and embroidery.

-Brides seeking a stylish sensuality shoulders has been discovered as a trump card. Exposed with silver wires, they win a sensual air but pass away from vulgarity – analyzes Patricia to remember that, abroad, the valuation of the shoulders is so that cuffs pearl strands can be purchased separately to be applied to the store-bought dresses.

One of the designers who began to make success in creating sleeves worked very well was the Australian Anna Campbell, who soon became a reference for the world. Here, the designer realizes a great looking Brunette Andrade of brides for letting his shoulders more glamorous. So, which specializes in creating unique sleeves for every bride, throwing hand made glass beads and embroidered by hand, one by one, as far as shoulder, plus rebordadas lace overlays.

-Rebordadas sleeves became a must-have in my dresses. Brides have come with references and ask that, based on what they like, I create a unique shoulder for them – confirms the stylist.

Already the designer Carol Hungary receives so many requests that even created the hashtag #manguinhasdacarol to expose pictures of mangoes to earn details carefully worked out.

-Many customers ask me to cherish the neck and shoulders, is to customize a dress of prêt-à-porter line or to get away from the traditional long sleeves. To do this, work the sleeves with many drops of pearls, I apply fabric flowers, or a mixture of lace with pearls mounted. The idea is to make each sleeve get a little bit of everything that goes in the dress model – confirms.