Silicone Bra Inserts

How many of us dream of having firm breasts, lifted, no Bras, silicone implants or lifting (mastoplexie)? Good news, because artists surgeons have devised a simple way to bring smiles on the faces of women unsatisfied of their breasts: inner bra Cup & Up!

The continued breast reshaping is now possible with inner BRA, that underlying sinus, through a vienne introduced intervention that should take no longer than 40 minutes.
The procedure is so simple, which does not require hospitalization. In addition, the postoperative pain, Vienne in the case of breast implants do not hear in new inventions, and women can return to work after a few days of rest, of course without Bras!
Inner bra is a trapezoid shape, made of silicone, which is inserted into the breast under local anesthesia with two cuts of less than one centimeter.
The first such work was carried out three weeks ago and doctors say it was a success. Although so far we can’t say exactly how long it is guaranteed, the inventor, the Israeli surgeon Eyal Gur, ensures the bra for 4-5 years.
The woman who raised her breasts through the unique method, is less than 30 years and is very happy because from now on will be able to leave the House without a bra, whose appearance was visibly improved, but without losing the natural qualities.
The national company that sells the internal bra announced that 18 months will be also available in European countries, and until then will continue testing on volunteers.