Skirt Trends Spring Summer 2015

Choose the flared skirt and learn with us how to wear it and with what match it for a perfect look years ‘ 50

The full skirt makes you wonder once divas as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren: Hyper feminine and delicate, now back in vogue, rediscovered and revisited by all the biggest brands.

If you like the skirt, but you don’t know how to match it, you should know that it is a very versatile and suitable for many occasions and, if worn the right way, enhances the feminine silhouette, highlighting the benefits and mitigating the flaws.

The original 50 ‘s skirt is a model with a high waist and length midi which tends to highlight the bust and the ankles.

This model is perfect for enhancing a slim waist, but also to hide the hips.

Browse our gallery for advice on how to carry it with style!

With what match a skirt?

Try with easy and minimal.

Choose a fitted blouse or a simple cotton t-shirt and if you have a thread-like physique choose rows.

Striped prints and big floral patterns multicolor are suitable for super glam slim physical: the idea is to choose a mix and match look by mixing, for example, stripes and flowers.

Forbidden to match the skirt garments that are too long or large that would make heavy figure, prefer, instead participating leaders and micro top paired with short jackets or shawls.

Super glam look of Helena Bordon pencil that combines a crocheted crop top.

For the evening choose the skirt from the metallic effect.

High waisted dress-rigid for a sophisticated and elegant effect.

You can match it to a microtop in lurex and platform sandals.

The skirt can be of different lengths: choose the one extra long for a romantic day look.

Choose floral patterns and multicolor and pair with heels or flats.

Enjoy the excesses and dares by focusing on the unconventional.

The important thing is not to overdo it and teamed with a skirt to the “Alice in Wonderland” wide and coloured to a boss basic solid color.

Blue hearts and will glitter embellish enough the look.

You can choose a simple circle skirt and enhance them with accessories: for example with a jeweled belt.

Complete your outfit with a short jacket and décolleté bicolor.

If you like bright colors choose your skirt in red.

You can wear it in total color or choose two colors to match and alternate in a pendant.

You can wear it freely even in town giving a touch of freshness to the look!

The 1950s skirt will be a must have for the next cold season.

If you choose a skirt with contrasting pattern in black and gold, like the one in photo at, aims at a body from the basic line with high collar and gold jewellery.

To copy from the look of the show?

The belt to highlight the life and high heels to slim the figure.